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Kentucky Dad Podcast with Nick Coffey

A familiar voice from iHeart media joins the show to chat about his life as father.

The Coffey Family

The latest episode of The Kentucky Dad Podcast features Nick Coffey, founder of the Cardinal Connect and morning radio host on 790KRD. You can hear him on the air waves weekdays from 7-10 AM in the Louisville area or by listening on the iHeart app.

Even though Nick does in fact cover The University of Louisville for a living — we quickly dispelled the idea of any trolling taking place during the podcast. He’s one of the good guys and we had a lot of laughs during this one!

Nick’s Dad life consists of raising two children, a four-year old daughter, Mya, and his five month old son, Mason. If you follow him @TheCardConnect, then you know he’s a out-spoken father who freely embraces the joys and struggles of parenthood.

This episode begins with some passionate 90’s television show banter. I believe that Nick was the first guest to list his Carl Winslow from Family Matters as his favorite TV Dad. A great mention from the old school TGIF line-up.

From there Nick shared the story behind starting his own website and the decision-making process that resulted in him working in the media as his primary job.

We covered all of the normal topics and took some detours along the way.

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