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Thursday Quickies: Basketball Season Opener Edition

It looks like Kentucky will open the season against Morehead.

It seems that we may know when the Kentucky Wildcats will open their basketball season and the opponent.

It seems that the prevailing theory is that Kentucky will open its season on Nov. 25 (less than three weeks away) against Morehead State as part of the Kentucky multi-team event. Richmond and Detroit Mercy are also part of that multi-team event in Lexington.

The Eagles, coached by a familiar face to Kentucky fans in Preston Spradlin, finished 13-19 last season.

Hopefully we will see a completed schedule coming soon with it seeming now that we’re within 20 days of the start of the season.

Let’s get this thing rolling.

Tweet of the Day

It’s hard to register that basketball season is coming up so soon.


Searching for passing game solutions during the bye week - KSR

Answers have to be found. Soon.

Terry Wilson returns to practice - Cats Pause

There could be a QB battle.

B.J. Boston named to Erving Watch List - Courier Journal

Boston will be one of the best wings in the country.

Calipari looking for problem-solving on and off the court - Herald Leader

As expected, Cal hit on an array of topics.

Louisville - Virginia postponed due to COVID outbreak - ESPN

15 people involved with the Louisville program have tested positive.

Jrue Holiday being shopped - Bleacher Report

The Pelicans are looking to trade their star guard.

49ers are down to two wide receivers due to COVID - Yahoo

Not good. Not good at all.