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A Letter to Santa

Santa Claus is a UK fan

The letter might have started this way…

“Dear Santa,
I’ve done my best to be good this year along with all of Big Blue Nation.

It has been a tough and confusing year with the coronavirus and not getting to have a March Madness last year, so if you could help, here is what I want for Christmas please.

I would like for Olivier Sarr and Jacob Toppin to be ruled eligible to play this season.

If you could give me that, I would be very excited….and if you do that for me, we might even play zone a few times this year, not too often, but every now and then.

Thank you Santa,

Coach Cal”

Now that letter wasn’t really written, but if it had been, it has been answered. If you haven’t heard by now, you need to know that the holiday season came early for the University Kentucky Wildcats basketball team. The reason is because both Sarr and Toppin have both been ruled eligible to play and that gives the Cats a much stronger frontcourt than they had hoped for.

For this gift to come true, senior center Sarr was ruled eligible by the SEC for the upcoming season. He was previously ruled eligible to play by the NCAA, but it took some extra time for clearance to come from the SEC. He has been cleared and is ready to play.

Sophomore forward Jacob Toppin has also been ruled eligible to play next season. Standing 6-8, and weighing 190-pounds he will bring added strength on the boards and above the rim.

And John Calipari offered some big news in a preseason press event on Oct. 26th when he commented on the size and talent of his team by saying they were even doing a little work on a zone defense. There is no doubt about it, this is stacking up to be a strange and maybe even a miraculous season.

So what else might UK wish for this holiday season?

The list could include…

The opportunity to play this year in and around the Covid-19 difficulties.

A healthy team that will get the chance to develop and grow together.

As many seats as possible available for fans to watch the games.

Another SEC championship.

A real big dance this year with a chance to play in the NCAA Tournament.

And while we are wishing, we might as well ask for it all…

Another trip to the Final Four.

And as icing on the cake – another NCAA Championship.

There is nothing wrong with wishing, but rest assured that based on what already know it takes more than just wishing to make dreams come true.

Work Will Win When Wishing Won’t !

The Wildcats are working – let’s get the season started – it is showtime!