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Terry Wilson, Quinton Bohanna voice frustrations

Well that’s not good.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Florida Gainesville Sun-USA TODAY NETWORK

It is never a good sign to see players going on social media and voicing their frustrations after a game. But after the Kentucky Wildcats’ 34-10 loss to Florida, that is what both Terry Wilson and Quinton Bohanna did.

Bohanna was in a conversation with former Wildcat and current Buccaneers safety Mike Edwards about giving the ball to tight end Keaton Upshaw. Bohanna then said that he has held a lot back this season.

Later in the night, Terry Wilson basically said the same thing in regards to holding back and keeping quiet:

And for what it’s worth, senior running back A.J. Rose sounds grateful he just gets to play football when there was a time it looked like there wouldn’t be a season. Even though this season has been a disappointment, it’s actually a welcome disappointment in a way, because it’s still better than no season at all (and the beatdown at Tennessee was so awesome it could make up for a lot of bad losses. That was really amazing).

Players voicing their frustrations publicly regarding the football Wildcats is something that has not really happened here at Kentucky in the past few seasons, probably because of the sustained success that the program has over the span of the last four seasons.

Now, with their backs against the wall and coaching issues arising, it is concerning to see a team so close-knit start to publicly come out.

One thing that Mark Stoops does not wan to happen is lose the team, especially with a very winnable game against South Carolina on the horizon.

However, it still is concerning nonetheless.

I need a drink.