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Florida game in danger of being postponed?

The Cats are without 18 players and 10 staff members.

Big Blue Drew

There is more bad news on the COVID front.

The Kentucky Wildcats were up against extremely tough odds in Tuscaloosa on Saturday when you take into consideration that 10 players were unable to participate due to pandemic contract tracing protocol.

Playing the #1 team in the nation short-handed was a lot to ask of a program.

Unfortunately, things don’t appear to be trending in the right direction for the 3-5 Wildcats who are set to travel to Gainesville this weekend.

On Wednesday evening, head coach Mark Stoops announced that, as it currently stands, UK could be missing 18 total players and 10 staff members.

“We can’t afford anymore. We get tested again tomorrow morning and let’s hope.” Stoops said.

These numbers are due to both injuries and COVID contract tracing.

It’s becoming apparent that this team can’t overcome much more roster depletion. There is only so much you can when certain position groups are paper thin. It’s unclear just who all would not be able to make the trip but it’ll more than last week when Kentucky got stomped 63-3.

The Cats are set to depart Lexington on Friday after thanksgiving school player and coach has that one final test. Based on those results it’s very possible that the matchup with #6 Florida could be postponed.

Just as basketball season is getting underway — football could be getting haunted.

Hopefully the test results are favorable and the team can get back to full strength over the next few weeks. Mark Stoops has the chance to finish out the year strong with two remaining games but it will be difficult to manage a game plan without your entire team.

With tomorrow being a holiday we will likely know just where things standing sometime early Friday. Follow A Sea of Blue for updates.