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Kentucky will reportedly debut new alternate uniforms this season

Yes... they will still have the checkerboard pattern.

Brandon ‘BJ’ Boston UK Athletics

I’ll admit it: I was very excited when I read the headline of this story. The idea of new/alternate uniforms is exciting for fans that do not care for the checkerboard pattern and, believe me, there are a lot of them.

So I clicked on the link ready to hopefully transition away from the checkerboards only to be let down. While the Kentucky Wildcats will eventually play in something different this season in regards to their uniforms, they will still have the divisive checkerboard pattern.

According to Paul Lukas of Uni Watch, the Wildcats will debut gray alternate uniform at some point this season that include checkerboards.

“No visuals yet, but a team rep says the Wildcats will introduce a new gray alternate at some point this season,” Lukas said. “It will have the same basic design as the team’s primary home and road uniforms — same lettering, same trim, same checkerboard side panels.”

I’m not as passionate about it as some are, but I know that fans will be disappointed when they learn that what they’re going to see is actually more of the same with the only difference being that the alternate uniforms will be gray.

Ultimately the only thing that matters here is the play on the court, not what the players are wearing. It’s fun for fans but I do wonder how much something like this matters to players?

Either way, it’ll be cool to finally see something a little different out there.