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Kentucky Dad Podcast Vinny Hardy from Cats Talk Wednesday and Bleav in Kentucky

Another proud 606 guy joins the show.

Vinny Hardy

Vinny Hardy from Cats Talk Wednesday and the Bleav in Kentucky Podcast joined me for this week’s episode. He’s without a doubt been one of our most loyal listeners over the past six months so his appearance on the show was long over-due.

Vinny also writes for Just The Cats and has previously done some work for Cameron Mills radio. He’s widely considered one of the nicest guys around Kentucky Athletics.

You may have seen the Bleav In Kentucky Podcast, which is co-hosted by Vinny and Tony Delk, featured on the Sea of Blue website.

I made sure to ask him what it’s like working with a former All-American and a National Champion like Tony Delk.

As any Kentucky fan can imagine — it’s been an incredible experience for Vinny and he’s looking forward to what the future holds with the Bleav Podcast network.

Like a few of our previous guests, Vinny reps the 606 to the fullest!

Despite now living in Tennessee — it was evident that Vinny is extremely proud of his Eastern Kentucky heritage and the man it shaped him into.

My favorite part of this episode was learning a little bit about His hometown of Lynch, KY and the importance that coal-mining played in his family over the generations. Both his maternal and paternal Grandfathers spent 35+ years working in the coal mines.

I guess it goes without saying that they taught him about toughness and the meaning of a hard day’s work. I couldn’t help but think about how many Kentucky fans around the state share a similar family history that’s deeply rooted in coal mining.

When Vinny isn’t busy with work and covering the Cats he’s doing what he really loves — being a father to his two sons.

Years ago, when he married his wife Katie they weren’t even sure if they could have children. They came to peace with that reality but ultimately ended up with two amazing boys, 12 year old Micah 12 and 8 year old Chandler.

I always enjoy chatting with Vinny because he’s just a laid-back down to earth guy who is passionate about what he does.

Make sure you’re following him @VinnyHardy to keep an eye on his work.

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