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A.J. Rose criticizes offensive play-calling

Eddie Gran has been under fire most of the 2020 season, and it will only get worse after the Alabama debacle.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Well there isn’t much positive that came out of this afternoon in Tuscaloosa, and it looks like it might have already started to spill over to some unhappy players in the locker room.

Now if you watched the game you know exactly the situations Rose is referring to in this comment. Most notably the timeout called to then roll with a QB draw in a point of the game that a TD gives you the lead.

These struggles just didn’t happen today though. It was even something noted by the coaches back in fall camp that they struggled with their red zone offense. It seems like it might not just be playmaking ability on the field that is contributing to that factor.

The other notable aspect to this comment is the timing. Everyone in the BBN hasn’t been silent for their displeasure with the offense this season and rightly so. It’s been pretty tough to watch week in and week out. Going back to the Missouri game people have been speculating on Eddie Gran’s future with the program. Well let’s just say today didn’t help.

In the coming weeks I think we need to see a couple things to help solve this issue.

First, whoever the QB is, if we are in a first and goal situation Keaton Upshaw has to be the first option. He’s to big and athletic to not be getting more looks in the red zone.

Secondly, we need to see an outside receiver step up. We have been saying it all year long and nothing has changed. None of the guys can get open, and if they do it’s a very slight window for the QB to fit it in.

Obviously Rose is frustrated. This could be the beginning of a story line to follow as the last two weeks of the season play out.