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Twitter reactions to Kentucky’s loss to Alabama

It was a long day for the Cats. On to Florida.

Kentucky vs Alabama Photo by UA Athletics/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

The Kentucky Wildcats entered Saturday with a chance to shock the world as they face the No. 1 team in the land the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Kentucky got off to about as good a start as you could ask for after having the ball for over 10 minutes in the first quarter and trailed just 7-3.

However, the Cats kept shooting themselves in the foot with crucial mistakes. A holding penalty kept the Cats out of the end zone and two bad snaps on FG attempts crushed the Cats’ chances.

After a half full of missed opportunities, the Cats trailed 28-3.

Kentucky got off to a great start defensively in the second half as Kelvin Joseph got the interception to keep Alabama out of the end zone.

However, the Kentucky offense went away from the motion that worked in the first half and failed to start moving the ball.

Despite coming out and getting off to a good start, the Cats faced a tough challenge against the top team in America as they lost 63-3.

Here is how Twitter reacted to the events of the game:

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