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Kentucky vs. Alabama: What’s At Stake

The prize doesn’t get higher than this.

Alabama v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Eww. Kentucky almost actually lost that Vanderbilt game. After holding Georgia to only 14 points on Halloween, they coughed up 35 to one of the worst offenses in the country. But hey! they won, and after such a hard week as they had, that was what they needed and will take.

Winning this weekend, however, is another story. You can’t really cook up a harder game than playing at the undefeated number one team in the country, and given that they just barely squeaked by one of the worst teams in the country at home, it’s hard to like Kentucky’s chances.

Still, it’s 2020, so let’s see what happens (and be prepared to rake some leaves after the first quarter).

If Kentucky Wildcats Win:

  • They’ll be 48-48 under Mark Stoops.
  • Their all-time record will be 627-630-44, only four games shy of 50-50.
  • They’ll improve to 3-37-1 against the Crimson Tide, and snap a 6 game losing streak to them.
  • They’ll be 22-12 since the start of the historic 2018 season.
  • They’ll have won their biggest win ever, Mark Stoops will be nominated for Coach of the Year, and they’ll make a movie some years later called “1 in a million” or something like that.

If Alabama Crimson Tide win:

  • The Cats have to shake it off and prepare to give it all against rival Florida next week
  • The Cats can compare themselves against Bama’s last 50 opponents and see if they didn’t lose as badly as most other teams did.

Gains from winning: Getting the Kentucky Football Win of the Century.

Consequences from losing: Honestly not much would change.

Hardest Opponent Scale: This is as tough as it gets.

When you play Alabama, you get Alabama, so I’m not exactly excited for this game, but I’ve never seen them play before and maybe they can show signs of growth against the Tide. A loss like the 3-14 one to Georgia would still be a loss, but at least better than a 3-49 loss. I’m a UK fan, though, and I’m not going to quit supporting my favorite team even if they’re playing Numero Uno. Bring it on! Let’s win that game! Never quit, like the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Go ‘Cats!