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College basketball analyst picks Kentucky to make the Final Four

This team has the chance to cut some nets down.

Big Blue Drew

Hopefully you were one of the many college basketball fans that had the opportunity to get a little taste of the fast approaching season Thursday.

The Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball Pro-Day was held that night and began to paint a picture of what the Big Blue Nation has in store this year.

Pre-season expectations are always sky-high for UK and one college basketball expert is going as far to say that he believes the Cats will make the Final Four in 2021.

CBS college basketball analyst Jerry Palm is putting his faith in John Calipari to win a regional.

The writers over at CBS did an excellent job breaking down the top players in the NCAA. Kentucky’s BJ Boston was ranked at 13th.

You can check out the entire list here.

Palm’s evidence as to why he believes Kentucky has a shot at the title centers around their pre-season All-SEC freshman — BJ Boston.

Picking Kentucky for the Final Four is admittedly a bit of a flier, but only a bit. As always, this will be a very talented team and maybe more than most years, reliant on freshmen. However, the Wildcats do have the top-ranked recruiting class, led by potential all-American BJ Boston. Nobody handles young and talented better than John Calipari and they are under the radar at the moment, so the heat on this young team won’t be as intense early. — JP

Palm makes a good point noting that even though expectations are always elevated for a John Calipari coached team — there has actually been some modest predictions leading into this year.

The AP poll ranked the Cats 11th and The Tennessee Volunteers were picked ahead of Kentucky to win the SEC by the media.

So there may be some truth in the idea of UK coasting through the earlier portion of the season without too much over reaction to a potential early loss or two.

I think it’s fair to say that nobody who follows college hoops will be shocked to see Kentucky as one of the Final Four teams standing.

Now that you’ve had the chance to see this team play a bit — what do you think their ceiling is?