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Fines, suspensions could face SEC teams that fail to comply with mask policy

League commissioner Greg Sankey make it clear that teams must not relax on mask policies.

Syndication: USATODAY Andrew Nelles, The Tennessean, Nashville Tennessean via Imagn Content Services, LLC

The Southeastern Conference has been the football powerhouse of the NCAA over the last several years. The public’s eyes will be on them with numerous teams within the top ten and many high-profile games lined up in the next few weeks.

With the cameras all around, everyone can clearly see when coaches and staff aren’t following the mask policy laid out by the conference, and apparently, the commissioner is not pleased with what he’s seeing.

Having had success among their conference, something that can’t be said at the sport’s highest level, the SEC commissioner, Greg Sankey, sent a memo that was obtained by ESPN. It said the following:

“Do not relax — and do not let those around you relax — because of a few weeks of success.”

The memo then goes into the penalties that will be put on schools if they do not follow the requirements.

$100,000 is at stake for programs, and if teams do not adhere to the policies, the money will taken out of their respective team’s annual revenue distributed by the conference. Other potential penalties will apply to individuals.

“The imposition of any reduction in Conference revenue for failure to substantially comply with or repeated disregard of the SEC masking requirement will be determined at the Commissioner’s discretion. In addition, individuals who fail to comply with or disregard the masking requirement could be subject to penalties, including but not limited to, suspension for a specified period,” the memo stated.

For the sake of noting, fans at Kentucky’s home stadium, Kroger Field, are required to wear masks that go around a spectator’s ears. Bandanas or neck gaiters are not allowed.