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UK applies for a transfer waiver for Jacob Toppin

Toppin could become a valuable player for the 2020-21 Wildcats.

UK Athletics

This offseason, the Kentucky Wildcats landed three transfers for the 2020-21 season in Davion Mintz, Olivier Sarr and Jacob Toppin. Mintz is a transfer from Creighton, Sarr is a transfer from Wake Forest, and Toppin is a transfer from Rhode Island, as well the brother of Obi Toppin.

UK has announced that they have applied for immediate eligibility for Jacob Toppin, who was originally supposed to sit out this season, and have three years of eligibility remaining for his time at Kentucky.

This is a bit of a twist and it could mean something good, bad, or nothing at all. The good is that Toppin has been better than the coaching staff originally anticipated, and that could be the case as we have seen videos of Mintz throwing lobs to Toppin in practice.

The bad could be that they could be anticipating the waiver of Olivier Sarr being declined and are going to a plan B option. But more likely they just want him to play since it appears the NCAA could give a free year of eligibility to winter athletes due to the coronavirus.

Of course, this could all mean nothing and we, as fans, are just overreacting and UK just wants to get Toppin eligible.

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