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In Another Universe: A Kentucky Basketball series

What if you could change one Kentucky Basketball moment?

NCAA Basketball: Auburn at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since I was young I have been fascinated with time travel. Growing up, it was popularized in movie series like “Back to the Future.”

The trend has continued more recently with “Infinity War” and “End Game” from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The stories and characters may change, but the thought of altering a situation or getting a second chance with certain events continues to captivate human beings.

What if things played out differently in the sporting world too?

Well, BBN…I introduce to you a new article series called “In Another Universe.”

“In Another Universe” will explore scenarios in Kentucky Wildcats basketball history where one event can shift the college basketball landscape.

For example, what if Jodie Meeks would have stayed for his senior year at Kentucky to team up with John Calipari’s inaugural recruiting class?

What if Derek Anderson didn’t get injured in ’97? What if Marquette doesn’t end UK’s 26-game winning streak in 2003?

What if Enes Kanter was deemed eligible to play in 2010-11?

And yes, what if Laettner missed in ’92?

This will be more than just “fantasy booking” to steal a professional wrestling term. This series will be based in fact. Stats and commentary surrounding the players and teams in question will provide evidence and logical foundations for the altering event to occur.

Don’t worry Kentucky fans, you won’t have to worry about disposing of villains like Thanos or Kang The Conqueror along the way. However, time travel does have consequences and changing one event may lead to the unexpected…