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Bryce Hopkins’ father says Indiana is a serious suitor

Could the Hoosiers be Kentucky’s main competition for the former Louisville commit?


Ever since four-star power forward Bryce Hopkins de-committed from the Louisville Cardinals, the Kentucky Wildcats have been the consensus favorites to land the Illinois native.

His father, Clyde Hopkins, is saying not so fast.

In an interview with The Daily Hoosier, Clyde Hopkins denied several reports that state UK has the front-runner for his son’s services.

“I don’t know where they get their information from,” Hopkins told The Daily Hoosier.

He then went onto discuss the possibility of his son ending up with the Indiana Hoosiers and made it clear that they were a legitimate contender for the four-star forward.

“We’ve felt very good about IU from day one,” Clyde Hopkins said. “We’ve felt a genuineness from the staff and Archie Miller. He’s a great guy.”

He went onto compliment the history of Indiana’s program saying, “Just the history, Bob Knight, everything about it,” Clyde Hopkins said. “All the top players that came through like Calbert Cheaney, Daryl Thomas, Isiah Thomas. You could go on and on.

“I remember walking into Assembly Hall and it was breathtaking. I didn’t expect to have that reaction to IU. I really didn’t. You could tell it is a special place with the fans, it’s all basketball. The hotel we stayed (the Graduate), the chandeliers were basketball nets. It was unbelievable.”

Bryce released a top nine list on August 9 that included Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Texas, Iowa State, Providence, Illinois, California and Oregon. He was supposed to release a top five list recently but said on Twitter there are “too many great schools” to cut his list at this time.

It remains to be seen when Hopkins will make his collegiate decision. But it is clear now that Hopkins to Kentucky is no longer the sure thing it appeared to be.