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Creating New Habits

Coach Cal is “having a ball.”

The start of a new basketball season will be here before you know it, and already the newest heroes of the hardwood are getting ready to electrify the Big Blue Nation. The grind is on and the hard stuff of getting ready to play the toughest non-conference schedule in the country is looming in front of the new edition of the Kentucky Wildcats.

According to Coach Calipari, they are doing the work and “creating new habits – the old stuff is not going to work at this level.”

Cal is enthusiastic about this new group which features ten new players. He is also reminding us to make sure we get our expectations in order. Realizing their youth and their unfamiliarity as a unit, he cautions… “this will not be an execution team early ….we could get dinged early on.”

But they are doing what every team destined for greatness must do. Again as Coach Cal explains it, “They are learning about each other. They are learning about me. They are learning about themselves.”

These are the hard days of learning to be a team. But when they emerge from the practice court they will then have to learn to put it all together in real time against opponents that are always hungry to steal a victory away from the Cats. So as we hear the reports, listen for updates, and wait for the opening tip, it is great to hear Cal tell us that he is having a ball coaching this new team. Get ready – they will be on the court before you know it.

The work they are doing should inspire each of us. It is never a bad thing to create new habits, especially when the old ones aren’t going to work. It is good advice for all of us as we get ready for a new season.