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Thursday Quickies: Tyrese Maxey Pro Day Edition

The former Kentucky guard will have a national audience tonight

Tyrese Maxey Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

Kentucky fans will see a familiar face on ESPN2 tonight.

Former Kentucky guard Tyrese Maxey, along with former Georgia Bulldog Anthony Edwards, will have their pro day televised on ESPN2 tonight at 8 p.m. ET.

Maxey, of course, is a projected first round pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, but draft insiders are having a hard time placing him. The general idea is that he will go somewhere in the 10-20 range, but of course, there’s a huge difference between being the 10th pick and being the 20th pick.

Individual pro days being televised isn’t a common occurrence, so this will be interesting to see. Hopefully Maxey puts on a strong performance and convinces a team in the lottery to use their first round pick on him.

Tweet of the Day

I really want to see John Wall make his way back to the court.


Olivier Sarr embracing hype of Kentucky - Courier Journal

There’s been a whole lot of hype for the big man.

Matthew Mitchell talks about surgery recovery - Herald Leader

We’re all glad to see Mitchell is recovering well.

Loss sparking change in Kentucky Football practice - KSR

A change was definitely needed after a performance like that.

MLB says Dodgers’ Turner violated protocol - ESPN

Well, that was kind of obvious.

Man misses on $1M fantasy prize after MNF stat change - Bleacher Report


Matt Ryan told Todd Gurley not to score three times - Yahoo

But yet...

NBA players want January start - SI

Right now, the league is slated to start on Dec. 22