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Kentucky vs. Georgia: What’s At Stake

As usual, more than usual.

Georgia v Kentucky Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Blarg, Kentucky lost at Missouri in a complete offensive no-show. There goes their 5-game winning streak. Things won’t get any easier this Halloween against Georgia, the steamroller of the East.

Hopefully this time (a) it won’t rain and (b) Kentucky will score and (c) Kentucky will win and lastly (d) Kentucky will win like Indiana did against Penn State (though I’ll probably need a crash helmet if that’s the case).

Let’s dive into what’s at stake this weekend.

If Kentucky Wins:

  • They’ll be 47-47 under Mark Stoops.
  • Their all-time record will be 626-629-44, only three games shy of 50-50.
  • They’ll improve to 13-59-2 against the Bulldogs, and snap their longest SEC losing streak: 10
  • They’ll be 21-11 since the start of the historic 2018 season.
  • Mark Stoops will have beaten his first Top-5 and Top-10 team.
  • Finishing 5-5 will be much easier.
  • It’ll be party time!

If Kentucky Loses:

  • A 5-5 season will be a tall order.
  • The Vanderbilt game will become a must-win

Gains from winning: Beating a Top-5 team for the first time I think since #1 LSU in 2007

Consequences from losing: Not much, but being 2-4 is tough luck.

Hardest Opponent Scale: This is the second hardest opponent on the schedule, only behind Alabama.

Kentucky is starting to close the gap between themselves and Georgia, but the ‘Cats aren’t really at full strength right now. Pick off some more passes, though, and they might have an Indiana-style chance.

Go ‘Cats!