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Sunday Quickies: Eddie Gran Edition

The Kentucky offensive coordinator has come under heavy fire after an abysmal offensive performance Saturday.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Kentucky offensive coordinator Eddie Gran has faced a lot of criticism from fans over the years, some deserved and undeserved. However, that criticism may have hit a new level yesterday after the Kentucky offense put forth one of its most abysmal performances in years.

The Wildcats put up 10 points in a losing effort to a Missouri squad that was allowing an average of 38 points per game through its first three games. The Wildcats failed to move the ball, accumulating 145 yards of offense and only eight first downs. That yardage was the fewest since that South Carolina debacle in 2011.

The passing game, in particular, was atrocious as the Wildcats completed 4-13 passes for 47 yards.

Of course, this performance comes on the heels of a rough offensive performance against Mississippi State and in the matchup against Tennessee, the Wildcats failed to find any form of offensive consistency until later in the second half.

Now, a lot of questions begin to surround Gran. There were a lot of questionable play calls, personnel groupings, etc. It seemed like Kentucky went in with a plan that they were going to win this game through the passing attack, but when it wasn’t there, it seemed no adjustments were made.

Eddie Gran has done really well at adjusting Kentucky’s offense during his tenure in Lexington. From the way the offense adjusted from Drew Barker to Stephen Johnson to totally changing things around when Lynn Bowden was forced into the QB spot, Gran has done well at retooling when needed.

But now, without any generational talents on offense like he had with Benny Snell and Lynn Bowden, the offense has held Kentucky back. The SEC is continuing to evolve with guys like Mike Leach, Lane Kiffin, and Eli Drinkwitz in the league.

Offensive production like that just isn’t going to get you wins, and it does make you wonder if changes need to be made.

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