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Jack Harlow appeals to fans from his home state with new single “Tyler Herro”

What a year for Herro.


I can still remember the “we finally have a multi-year recruit” chatter. Tyler Herro was not expected to be a one-and-done guy. He was not expected to be a first round pick.

And he certainly was not expected to play a key role on an NBA team that went to the NBA finals. So the former Wildcats star is used to breaking new ground. This week, he found his way into the world of hip hop.

Jack Harlow, a Kentucky native that has become a top-tier rapper, released a new single on Thursday titled “Tyler Herro.” Herro is in the majority of the video, and it looks like he had a blast being on set.

Herro continues to show us that he is much more than we all expected, both on the court and in popular culture. After a strong rookie season, some that work with the Miami Heat have been throwing the phrase “better than Devin Booker” around. Will he end up being an elite scorer like Booker? We will all have to wait and see. But you can go ahead and watch his new music video right now below.

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