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Tyrese Maxey dubbed a “perfect fit” for modern-day NBA

High praise for Maxey, who could hear his name called early in the 2020 NBA Draft.

Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

For whatever reason, Tyrese Maxey has been slipping in NBA mock draft boards.

It feels like analysts don’t think the Wildcats point guard has that “it” factor. No, Maxey didn’t have the greatest season at Kentucky, but he showed enough to prove that he could be the next elite combo guard come out of Lexington.

The 6-foot-3 Maxey is athlete and can score at will. While he averaged only 14.0 points per game his freshman season, Maxey bought into a role that John Calipari had envisioned for him.

Maxey played his role very well, having the Wildcats set up for a top-four seed in the 2020 NCAA Tournament, an event that sadly didn’t happen. With all four other Wildcats declaring for the draft, Maxey is widely expected to be the first one to hear his name called on draft night.

As with Devin Booker a few years ago, it’s not about their volume scoring at Kentucky that matters but how they scored. Maxey, as we saw in their first game against Michigan State, is a big-time scorer.

Maxey is a fearless stud that is uber-athletic and can shoot well enough to keep opponent’s honest. He has every trait to be among the best at the next level, and ESPN analyst Mike Schmitz thinks he could be the “perfect fit” in today’s NBA.

“This kid is a bucket. I saw him at the high school level, I saw him with USA Basketball, and I think he’s a perfect fit in today’s NBA. You can try to poke holes in him. You can try to say, ‘He’s a 6-3 combo guard. He’s a scorer or he’s out of control.’ But it’s worked pretty well for Tyler Herro, for Jamal Murray, for Devin Booker,” Schmitz said of Maxey.

Kentucky has been churning out some of the league’s best guards over the last half a decade, and Maxey will be the next one to potentially blossom into a star at the sport’s highest level.

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