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Kentucky Dad Podcast with Evan Crane

A familiar face from the UK athletics department joins the show to talk about his life as a father.

Evan Crane

The Kentucky Dad Podcast welcomed Evan Crane on the show this week, and he delivered one heck of a performance.

Evan carries a wide spectrum of influence across multiple sports at the University of Kentucky but currently holds the title of Associate Director Athletics Communications and Public Relations for Football and Women’s Basketball.

However, most folks just like to recognize him as one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

So I was honored that Evan took some time out of his day (during football season) to talk the joys and pains of parenting on the Kentucky Dad Podcast.

He and his wife Megan are the proud parents of Eileen, who was born back in 2017, and the Crane’s are expecting a baby boy in January.

I enjoyed hearing about the plan that Evan is currently executing to prepare his daughter for the arrival of their new baby here in just a few months.

It will surely be a big transition for everyone in the Crane household so it’s probably a good thing that we had the chance to catch up with Evan before the new addition arrives.

We had more direct sports conversation on this episode in comparison to most others but only because it was refreshing to hear about other sports like women’s basketball and softball.

I would have done everyone a disservice had I not brought up Kentucky women’s basketball considering how loaded Matthew Mitchell’s team is going to be this season.

With several key returning players, including pre-season All-American Rhyne Howard, the Cats will have a chance to accomplish some special things this year.

Evan was kind enough to give us his thoughts on Kentucky women’s basketball and provided some specific player insight.

A story he shared about Rhyne Howard jumping out of a pregame layup line to take a selfie with an eager fan is worth your time.

It didn’t surprise me to learn that Evan was blessed to have numerous influential people in his life that shaped him into the well-respected man that he is today.

Evan grew up in a household watching his own father work multiple jobs to put food on the table for him and his siblings.

Although space was tight and at times things could get tough — it was a home filled with love and memories that Evan looks back on fondly.

It will be tough to locate a more genuine dude than Evan Crane. It was great to learn some more about who he is as a person and get a glimpse behind the scenes of UK Athletics.

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