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Kentucky vs. Missouri: What’s At Stake

Anyone remember the last time Kentucky visited Mizzou?

Kentucky v Missouri Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

It’s hard to write about Kentucky’s upcoming game against Missouri, because we’re all still soaking in the bliss of the Tennessee win! That 34-7 win over Tennessee shattered more records than I initially realized, and might be Mark Stoops’ third-greatest win with the Wildcats (outside of ending the Florida streak and the Citrus Bowl).

The 27-point beatdown was the largest margin of victory over ANY Southeastern Conference team (even the Vanderbilt games) since 1998. It was not only their first win in Knoxville since 1984, but also their largest margin of victory against Tennessee since the 1930s. Basically, it was the win we dreamed of in our sleep.

Now, let’s win by 28 against Florida.

Oh, and I forgot my favorite stat: The win that declares Terry Wilson one of the greatest Kentucky quarterbacks in school history; he’s the only Kentucky QB to defeat Louisville, Florida, and Tennessee. And he beat them all on the road.

Let’s retire his number after he graduates.

But we can’t let the hangover continue too long. I didn’t realize it much until this year, but Missouri fans really want to beat Kentucky. I talked to some this summer who went to the 2018 Mizzou Miracle. They said that when Conrad made that catch, the stadium was dead silent in shock for minutes.

Then after being favored in Lexington last year, they lost by 22. They’ve lost five in a row to Kentucky and really want to snap the streak. Kentucky obviously doesn’t want that to happen, and is picking off passes like a machine.

Let’s dive into what’s at stake in Kentucky vs Missouri.

If Kentucky Wildcats Win:

  • They’ll be 47-46 under Mark Stoops.
  • Their all-time record will be 626-628-44, only two games shy of 50-50.
  • They’ll improve to 8-3-0 against the Tigers, and extend their winning streak to 6.
  • They’ll be 21-10 since the start of the historic 2018 season.
  • They’ll be 15-5 under QB Terry Wilson.
  • Lexington will be rocking when Georgia comes to town in prime-time.
  • If Kentucky wasn’t in Missouri’s head before, they will be now.
  • Winning the SEC East will still be possible if they win out or only lose to Alabama and get help elsewhere.

If Kentucky Loses:

  • A 5-5 season will be a tall order.
  • UK will officially be the victim of a letdown and hangover.
  • They’ll have blown a 5-game winning streak over Missouri
  • With a very challenging game against Georgia next week, there would be a very real chance Kentucky is 2-4 going into the bye week with games at Alabama and at Florida still upcoming.

Gains from winning: Extended a winning streak against an SEC team to 6.

Consequences from losing: Blowing an opportunity to get to 3-2.

Hardest Opponent Scale: This is the second or third-easiest opponent on the schedule. Only Vanderbilt and maybe South Carolina are worse.

Defense usually prevents letdowns and hangovers. Let’s score some more pick-sixes and get to 3-2. The Outback Bowl is waiting.

Go ‘Cats!