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Louisville rumored to potentially host the Toronto Raptors this season

Traveling from Canada to the US isn’t happening

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Since the middle of March, it seems like every single day, there has been a wacky sports idea thrown out there for public opinion.

Some good. Others, not so much.

But you can’t fault anybody who’s primary goal is to look for innovative ways to safely keep sports rolling.

The pillar of execution seemingly is the National Basketball Association. The bubble was something that even I was skeptical about before it began in Orlando several months ago.

But as we know now — it was a smashing success and has provided a roadmap for other entities to safely resume play.

The NBA isn’t wasting any time game-planning for next season, and in no surprise, they’re having to get creative.

As of now, it looks like the league is aiming for a start date around Martin Luther King Day in the middle of January.

One of the more unique challenges that league commissioner Adam Silver will face is what to do about the Toronto Raptors. As you can imagine, traveling back-and-forth from Canada to the United States is just not going to be feasible.

Can the city of Louisville save the day?

Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports had an interesting article that mentions Louisville being the front-running city to potentially host the Raptors host games this season. The article specifically cites former Louisville and NBA player, Junior Bridgeman, as the catalyst for the plan.

Bridgeman is widely considered one of the more post-career financially successful players in NBA history.

I personally love this idea.

Spearheaded by former Kentucky great Dan Issel the NBA2Lou movement is gaining more and more traction. If you like the idea of Louisville getting an NBA team you should follow their Twitter page, @NBA2Lou, and stay engaged around the mission.

Despite Seattle being viewed as the leading candidate for league expansion — if this experiment were to go well — maybe Louisville climbs the list?

What do Kentucky fans think about this idea? Would you cheer for a Louisville based NBA team?