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Jeremy Pruitt fired former UK coach Jimmy Brumbaugh during Cats’ win vs. Vols

This is an awful look for Pruitt.

Jimmy Brumbaugh

After Kentucky demolished Tennessee 34-7 in Knoxville last Saturday (it really never gets old saying that), defensive line coach and co-defensive coordinator Jimmy Brumbaugh was fired.

Brumbaugh, as you may know, if a former Kentucky assistant who was the school’s defense line coach from 2013-16. He was in his first season with the Vols, but head coach Jeremy Pruitt apparently thought Brumbaugh wasn’t cutting it after just four games.

Apparently, Pruitt didn’t even wait until the fourth game was over to fire the former Kentucky coach.

According to KSR, Pruitt fired Brumbaugh during the game.

A source close to the UT program tells KSR that Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt fired assistant coach Jimmy Brumbaugh during the game on Saturday. Pruitt let Brumbaugh go while the game was still being played, confirming it after it was over.

If that’s true, then it’s a horrible look on Pruitt. This is something you simply don’t see in any coaching profession, especially when the coach has only been in his post for four games, let alone during a pandemic that’s made it harder for any football coach to leave his imprint on his players.

There have been plenty of examples showing Pruitt show a lack of patience and composure while coaching during games, most notably when he grabbed Jarrett Guarantano’s facemask during a 2019 loss to Alabama. He also grabbed and dragged Vols defensive back Shawn Shamburger by the jersey during a win over Missouri last season.

Maybe Brumbaugh is fortunate he doesn’t have to put up with this anymore. After all, Tennessee is reportedly on the hook to potentially pay “more than $830,000″ to Brumbaugh.