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College Basketball insider calls SEC a “s— fest” amid bribery scandals

One SEC coach even said “Auburn’s got to go down at some point.”


The rise of SEC Basketball has been enjoyable for many fans wanting to see the Kentucky Wildcats challenged more in conference play but some of the programs on the rise haven’t gone about their business properly.

LSU have been at the forefront of recently uncovered bribery scandals with head coach Will Wade caught on wired tapes discussing playing players to come play for the Tigers.

Now, Pat Forde of Sports Illustrated is reporting SEC scandals aren’t limited to LSU.

A college basketball insider with knowledge on potential scandals within the SEC told Forde, “Things may be worse now than they were before the FBI stuff,” said one industry insider with deep ties in both the recruiting and coaching realms. “It’s like they receded after it initially hit, then nothing happened and now they’re pushing the boundaries even further. The league is only getting worse.”

“The SEC is a s— fest right now, so coaches can’t be too hypocritical because everyone else is doing it, too. It’s pretty bad throughout.”

Auburn, LSU, Alabama and South Carolina have all been tied to federal investigators for recent bribery schemes but haven’t been punished by the NCAA yet.

One SEC coach even took a hit at Auburn saying, “Auburn’s got to go down at some point.”

Good thing Bruce Pearl is too concerned with Olivier Sarr being eligible at Kentucky to worry about his program’s own issues.

Whatever exactly went down does not appear to affect Kentucky, luckily, as the Wildcats were not mentioned in Forde’s report.