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Hunter Sallis gives update on recruitment; says current plan is for a spring decision

Sallis wants to wait until in-person recruiting opens back up before making a decision.

Brad Frandsen

It looks like Kentucky will be waiting until next year to know where Hunter Sallis will attend college.

In an interview with KSR’s Jack Pilgrim, Sallis said the current plan is to wait until the spring to make a decision, as he’s hoping in-person recruiting will open back up, allowing him to actually visit campuses and meet with coaches.

“As of right now, I’m planning on deciding in the spring. I think another list could come sometime this month or next month, sometime soon,” Sallis told KSR. “As of right now, I doubt [I’ll sign in the fall], just because we want to get out and see places. We’re praying they start opening things back up.“

Another reason why Sallis would be wise to wait until the spring is to get a better idea of the guard situations at the schools he’s considering. The recent belief has been it’s a Kentucky vs. North Carolina battle for Sallis with Kansas also in contention.

Senior guard Marcus Garrett is set to run the show at Kansas in what would normally be his final season, but the NCAA is giving everyone a free year of eligibility, so it’s possible he’s back for the 2021-22 season. Incoming five-star freshman Bryce Thompson also figures to be a backcourt starter and could be one and done, but a return for 2021-22 isn’t out of the question.

It’s a similar situation at Kentucky with senior guard Davion Mintz competing for the starting point guard spot and could possibly return next year, though it’s unclear if that’s something he’s considering. Incoming five-star guard Devin Askew will also compete for the starting spot and could return as a sophomore in 2021-22. If one or both of them are back along with 2021 guard Nolan Hickman coming in, this backcourt could be too crowded for Sallis’ liking.

At North Carolina, incoming five-star guard Caleb is expected to start the point and possibly be one and done. Even if Love stays, their backcourt doesn’t look like anything that would scare off a top-10 recruit like Sallis.

And we can’t forget about 2022 guard Skyy Clark, who will announce his college decision Thursday with Kentucky looking like the favorite but North Carolina right in the thick of it. Clark has stated he plans to stick to 2022, but if he reclassifies into 2021, wherever he goes would likely become less attractive for Sallis, especially if it’s Kentucky if just one of Mintz/Askew is back next year.

The good news for all three schools is Sallis says he can thrive playing at the point or off the ball, especially in a system like what John Calipari runs in Lexington.

“I could see myself playing both [guard positions], especially in a system like Kentucky,” Sallis said. “We’ve been watching, there’s not really one designated point guard, one of the guards just gets the ball and they just run. That’s a system I feel like I could fit in well because I could have the ball and I could also be without it. Coach Joel told me those are the types of guards that they recruit, the really versatile ones. I feel like it’s a good fit.”

Be sure to check out more of Sallis’ thoughts at KSR.

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