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Kentucky Dad Podcast with UK superfan Michael Clark

Sports talk, dad jokes and more!

Michael Clark

We changed pace a bit this week on the Kentucky Dad Podcast by inviting a fan of show on as our guest!

Fittingly, Michael Clark is @UKDad21 on Twitter and does a terrific job interacting with the Big Blue Nation each day on his account. One of the main reasons I decided to get him on the show was that doesn’t shy away from his role as a father to his two children, Sawer and Melah.

Michael does have a background working in the news. In 2010, he worked for 840 WHAS iHeart media and had the privilege of covering John Caliapri’s first season in Lexington that year.

Michael and his family now live in Louisville, and as you can imagine, their schedule stays fairly busy so we appreciate him taking the time to do the Kentucky Dad Pod on leftovers night at the Clark house! We had some good laughs and hit some serious stuff as well.

During the episode, Michael told an inspirational story about the struggle he and his wife, Taron, faced attempting to conceive their first child before ultimately choosing to go the adoption route. It was incredible to hear about the relationship that was cultivated between Michael and the birth mother.

After adopting Melah, the Clarks were blessed with a biological child, this time a boy named Sawyer.

You could just hear in his voice throughout the episode that not only is Mike not only a diehard member of the BBN, but he’s also tremendously grateful for all of his blessings in life as a family man.

Take a few minutes to check this one out! I deliver, what I believe to be, my best Dad Joke yet!

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