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Mark Stoops awards game ball to John Schlarman

All Schlarman does is whip Tennessee, Florida, and cancer.

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UK Athletics

John Schlarman has become the heart and soul of Kentucky football.

An All-SEC offensive lineman at Kentucky in the 90s, Schlarman has been coaching at his alma matter since 2013, the first year Mark Stoops arrived in Lexington. That hire has proved to be one of Stoops’ most impactful decisions in his tenure, as Schlarman has built Kentucky’s offensive line into one of the best in college football.

He’s also done so while battling cancer since 2018, which earned him the distinction of being Kentucky’s ‘total badass’ by The Athletic.

And since 2018, Kentucky has ended a 31-game losing streak to Florida and now a 17-game losing streak in Knoxville to Tennessee. Schlarman’s offensive lines had major impacts in ending those dreaded streaks, so it’s no surprise to see him get a game ball following today’s win over Tennessee.

Schlarman also got a game ball in 2018 following Kentucky’s memorable win at Florida.

Well done, coach. Well done.