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5 biggest winners from Week 6

The Cats’ keep hope alive for their 2020 season.

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Kentucky Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

There’s usually two things I’m interested in on a college football Saturday: (1) will Kentucky win and (2) will there be an awesome upset. Week 6 was awesome—I got both! Let’s dive into this week’s top 5 winners.

5. Georgia Tech

Nobody expected the Bees to “bee” (hah!) any good this year, and I still don’t think they are, but after beating up Louisville 46-27, they’re 2-2 and having some good times, far better ones than some more hyped teams (like Louisville).

4. Kentucky

I sure know that 24-2 win felt good for Mark Stoops and the Kentucky Wildcats. Starting 0-3 going into back-to-back games against ranked opponents would have likely deflated all their swagger to zero and killed the season. Now they can try to put it all together for their first win at Tennessee since 1985. Here’s to hoping.

3. Oklahoma

After losing two in a row and skydiving out of the CFP plane, the Sooners overcame a quarterback injury, messed-up clock, and 4 amazing overtimes of silliness to defeat their archrival Longhorns in a Red River Showdown classic. Winning the Big 12 is still in reach, but Iowa State, Kansas State, and Oklahoma State (all the “States” in the conference, coincidentally) won’t give up 1st place without a fight. I’m all for nuttiness and don’t want boring ol’ Oklahoma to win again like they always do, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

2. Texas A&M

After giving Jimbo Fisher a contract that could pay off the U.S national debt (okay, maybe not that much), the Aggies were ready to win big time games in big time moments. After two years of moderate success, they finally broke through with a walk-off field goal against the Top-5 rival of Kentucky: the Florida Gators. Best of all, they did it in front of a raucous and thrilled College Station crowd. But even a win like that pales in comparison to what this team got...

1. Missouri

WOW. Talk about a season-defining win. Even though LSU isn’t quite the nearly invincible team they were last year, taking down the defending national champs in a year were no one expected anything from Mizzou, especially in an all-SEC schedule, turned the season outlook in a much more optimistic direction. The wind is in their sails again, and what a goal-line stand! It looked like it’d be deja vu from the Kentucky win there in 2018, but they learned their lesson and stunned the Bayou Bengals.

2020, man.