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Update on Kentucky’s plans for winter sports’ indoor fan capacity

Expect to see a much smaller Rupp Arena crowd than usual.

Auburn v Kentucky Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

With the college basketball season set to begin next month, we still don’t have an official word on how fan attendance will be handled amid the coronavirus.

In college football, many teams are allowing around 20-25% of maximum fan attendance in outdoor stadiums. But indoor arenas are obviously a different ballgame, and it sounds like we’ll see even less fans at Rupp Arena for Kentucky basketball games this season.

According to KSR’s Matt Jones, the working assumption is fan attendance at indoor winter sporting events in Kentucky will be capped at 15%.

Rupp Arena has a max capacity of about 23,500 fans, so 15% of that would be around 3,500 fans. That ‘could’ change as the season progresses if an effective vaccine is introduced to the general public, but if that’s the figure they decide to do to start the season, it’s what we should expect to see for the entire season.

It’s unfortunate we likely won’t see a packed Rupp Arena crowd this season, but that’s just the world we’re living in right now.