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Thursday Quickies: Olivier Sarr is Next Edition

With Joey Gatewood being ruled eligible, it seems like a good sign for Olivier Sarr

Olivier Sarr

After rejoicing at the news that Joey Gatewood has been cleared for immediate eligibility this season, attention now turns to Olivier Sarr who awaits word on his own immediate eligibility waiver claim.

Sarr, like Gatewood, has waited months to receive notice about his waiver for immediate eligibility after transferring from Wake Forest.

With Gatewood’s being approved, it should provide a bit of optimism for Sarr moving forward.

It’s been reported that Sarr needed a waiver from the SEC, along with the NCAA, and the SEC was the reported holdup in the process. We have more on that here.

But with the SEC giving Gatewood the thumbs-up to be eligible, you have to think that provides some optimism and a good sign that Sarr could get the same treatment.

Of course, if opposing coaches fight back against the idea of Sarr being eligible, it could be problematic. There are reports that at least one coach is opposed. That could possibly hinder the process.

But if you’re hoping for Sarr to be eligible, and why wouldn’t you be as a Kentucky fan, Joey Gatewood’s ruling yesterday seems like a major positive.

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