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Louisville’s Jordan Nwora received death threats following loss to UK


Louisville v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Jordan Nwora is one of the most talented scorers and players in the country this season. At 20.9 ppg., he has a good chance at being an All-American for Louisville.

For Louisville Cardinals and Kentucky Wildcats fans, their game against one another is as important as any on their schedules. In the 2019 Battle of the Bluegrass, Nwora underperformed. and fans apparently let him know about it afterward.

After Louisville’s win against Miami this week, Nwora let it out about the fan’s response to his game against Kentucky.

“A lot of crazy stuff [happened following the Kentucky loss], shoot. There were some people telling me they loved me a day ago. Now they want me, shoot, dead. I don’t even know. I had someone message me saying they wanted to kill me over a $15 bet. I said, it’s a $15 bet? If that’s what you’re worried about, I think you’ve got more issues than worrying about me,” said Nwora.

This is one of the most heated rivalries in all of college sports, but even that’s brutal for a player who is the Cardinals’ go-to scorer and most important player this season, not to mention a great kid by all accounts.

Nwora had his lowest scoring game of the season with just 8 points on 2/10 shooting, including 1.6 from three and just 3/6 from the free throw line, in Louisville’s 78-70 OT loss at Rupp Arena. It was the only game he hadn’t led Louisville in scoring and the only time he had finished under 14 points all season. He seemed completely disinterested throughout the game, partially because the Kentucky defense had his number and partially because it just wasn’t his day.

You hate to see anyone get death threats over something as simple as a basketball game, but it’s just another example of how intense this rivalry can get. You would hope that fans take it easier on a talented young player playing the game he loves, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still forever L’s down.