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Michael Drennen “nervous” about Vince Marrow potentially leaving UK

The four-star running back would be a huge piece to the 2020 class.

Michael Drennen

On Wednesday, news broke that Kentucky assistant coach Vince Marrow was in talks with Youngstown State University about potentially filling their head coaching vacancy.

If you know anything at all about UK football, than you know what a critical piece to the puzzle that Marrow is. His recruiting prowess has been one of the key factors in the sustained success that the program has achieved.

At this moment in time, Marrow taking the Youngstown State job, or any job for that matter, is just a talking point for people to speculate on, but it is on the table. The idea of Marrow leaving Lexington is something that will have a lasting impact on the program, specifically the recruiting trail.

Without question the biggest name remaining on UK’s 2020 wishlist is four star running back Michael Drennen. The do-it-all back hails from Dublin, Ohio and would be a huge late addition for the Cats. But it sounds like the news of Vince Marrow potentially leaving would really negatively impact Drennen’s final decision.

Michael Drennen spoke with 247 Sports and provided this update.

“At Kentucky, I’m reading that Vince Marrow could be getting the head coaching job at Youngstown State and he and I have had a relationship since I was in the eighth grade. I’m not saying his decision will make my decision for me but I’m watching that.” Drennen said.

For a long time it was believed that Drennen was heavily leaning towards becoming a Wildcat, but as of late, the situation seems to be becoming more cloudy.

“He’s the main person I speak to at Kentucky and him leaving kind of makes me nervous a little bit, he was the first coach to ever offer me a scholarship and we have stayed close.” Drennen told 247 Sports. “I have been to Kentucky so many times and I’m very comfortable there. I know that school better than any school that has recruited me.”

Judging by those quotes, it seems pretty obvious that Marrow staying put in Lexington will be critical to adding Drennen to the 2020 Class.