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Kahlil Whitney still not in the transfer portal, per report

An interesting development.

Jamie Boggs - Sea of Blue

Last week, Kahlil Whitney announced he would be leaving the Kentucky Wildcats.

After 18 games with the Wildcats, Whitney had continuously struggled and seemed ready for a change of scenery, wherever that may be.

However, Chris Fisher of Cats Pause reports that Whitney has yet to enter the NCAA transfer portal. If Whitney were intending to transfer, it seems like he’d have already been in the portal last week, so it’s a bit odd he’s not entered it yet.

Perhaps it means Whitney is simply planning to go pro and be done with college altogether. However, Evan Daniels reported that Whitney’s first option was to transfer to another school.

So, why isn’t Whitney in the portal yet? It seems like he’d have entered it even if he were planning to go pro, just to see what other schools and coaches had to offer him.

It’s hard to imagine Whitney could actually be thinking about returning to UK, but you know if he wanted to, John Calipari and the team would welcome him back with open arms.

Saying this, don’t get your hopes up on Whitney being back, which is really sad for all parties involved. Whitney came to UK with a world of potential, but he’s never come close to harnessing it.

In about 13 minutes per game, Whitney wasn’t providing much production with averages of 3.3 points and 1.7 rebounds with poor shooting percentages across the board. He’s been losing minutes as the season has progressed, but Calipari still had hope for the talented forward.

Back in December, Calipari said Whitney was the key to this team if he could get to the point where he fulfilled his potential.

“I’ve told the team, we’ve got a ceiling unless he plays for us. We don’t have anybody like him. He’s the one,” said Calipari.

Whitney may not have produced much during his time as a Wildcat, but he was still capable of things that no other Wildcat this year is. With a strong, physical body that is filled with athleticism on top of a skill set that was, at the very least, improving, it’s unfortunate that UK fans will likely never get to see the best of Kahlil Whitney.

Losing Whitney takes away a piece from UK’s depth, but it may be a blessing in disguise if it allows someone like Johnny Juzang or Keion Brooks Jr. a chance to earn more minutes and grow into a productive role for the Wildcats.

When Quade Green transferred last season, Ashton Hagans was able to officially take over at the point guard spot. With Whitney now out of the mix, will it have a similar effect for someone else on the roster?

Whatever happens, here’s to hoping Whitney finds happiness wherever he lands.