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Tyler Herro takes up for a Wisconsin player who is transferring

Going to Kentucky was the best decision Herro ever made.

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On Wednesday, the Wisconsin Badgers lost a key contributor when Kobe King announced he would be leaving the program after deciding it “is not the right fit” for him.

Former Badger Zak Showalter took to Twitter to announce his displeasure with him leaving.

“Some play for the name on the back of the jersey, some play for the name on the front.”

If you remember, former Kentucky Wildcats star Tyler Herro was once committed to Wisconsin before deciding to come to Lexington.

He took a lot of heat from Wisconsin fans, but he knew he was making the best decision for himself and his career.

Herro responded to that Tweet taking up for King and the decision he made.

Showalter admitted that he was wrong about Herro when he decided to come to Kentucky, but he just really wanted him at Wisconsin.

Herro’s response was a tip of the cap to the way John Calipari prepares you for the NBA and how he developed him into a lottery pick despite being a 4-star recruit.

Herro was very honest in his responses and didn’t say anything we didn’t already know. He came to Kentucky because it was the best place for him to reach his dream of being an NBA player and getting there as quick as he could.

Some hate that this is why players want to play for Kentucky, but it is a reality when it is the player’s life and it’s their own dreams they are chasing. Getting these guys are winning a lot of games for the program.