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Coach K gets extremely mad at the Cameron Crazies for no apparent reason

This was very bizarre to watch.

Pittsburgh v Duke Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

While Duke was enjoying beating Pittsburgh, Coach K was busy trying to bust a blood vessel in his head by getting irrationally mad and the Cameron Crazies:

It’s not really apparent what caused Coach K to go this insane, but apparently the Cameron Crazies were chanting “Capel sit with us,” which is a tradition that the Crazies chant whenever former Duke players visit as an opposing coach.

So if that’s true, why would Coach K get mad at that if it is something that is done a lot in Cameron Indoor? Or did Coach K simply misunderstand what the student section was saying?

Of course, it’s also possible that the Crazies were chanting something inappropriate towards Capel, in which case, I don’t blame him one bit for shutting it down.

Either way, Coach K snapping on his own student section like a father upset at his children is more funny than it has any right to be.