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John Calipari praises Red Raiders’ crowd, takes potential shot at Hoosiers

Did Cal take another indirect shot at Indiana?

Kentucky v Texas Tech Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

The Kentucky Wildcats went into hostile territory Saturday.

It came down to the wire and even took overtime for them to pull out the victory, but in Texas, they were able to get it done. The No. 15 Wildcats took on the No. 18 Texas Tech Red Raiders, 76-74.

Kentucky, behind 25 points from Nick Richards and 21 points from Immanuel Quickley, was able to jump out to a 10-point lead in the second half.

The Red Raiders closed the gap and eventually forced overtime. Continuing to attack Ashton Hagans, Texas Tech was down two and went back at him: a wrong decision. Hagans stripped the ball and won the game.

Following the game, Calipari may have taken a shot at other team’s atmospheres while at the same time praising the fans without Texas Tech’s United Supermarkets Arena.

“We’ve seen some disgusting crowds – just disgusting to where I don’t want to bring my team back. But here, they cheered on their team [and] they were like our fans,” Calipari said according to Kentucky Sports Radio’s Maggie Davis.

He called it a “classy” crowd.

There are a few places Calipari won’t play, one being Indiana which is why many may consider this a direct attack towards the Hoosier gang. In an interview about six months ago, Indiana HQ quoted Calipari talking about the culture in Bloomington.

He was not a fan.

“Cause I have been in arenas that have been obnoxious. There are teams that we will not play because it was so obnoxious… I am not putting my team, or myself, or my staff, or my family through that,” Calipari said. “We are not going back there and playing.”