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John Robic allegedly rips Texas Tech scorekeeper

Oh my gosh! That’s John Robic’s music. (J.R. voice)

Jeremy Chisenhall


When asked about this incident after the game, Coach Robic denied having said this. Although it is unclear who actually called the scorekeeper a cheater, I predict this story will still be attributed to Robic for the rest of his tenure at Kentucky.

During Saturday night’s epic game against Texas Tech, there were many, many controversial calls against both teams. One major call against Kentucky was able to be corrected, however, thanks to some keen awareness from the Kentucky coaching staff.

With 2:15 remaining in overtime, Tyrese Maxey was whistled for his fifth foul of the game. Or so the official scorekeeper said. However, while the free throws were being shot the Kentucky bench raised issue with the officials that it was actually Maxey’s fourth foul. Upon consultation with all other officials and scorekeepers, it was proven to be Maxey’s fourth and he was allowed to stay in the game.

Of course, Kentucky would hang on to win the game. And while Tyrese Maxey’s name did not show up in the score book after that, his presence on the floor certainly helped Kentucky’s spacing down the stretch.

After the game, John Robic took his “concerns” about Maxey’s phantom foul to the horse's mouth. Kyle Tucker of The Athletic overheard a conversation between Robic and the scorekeeper where the Kentucky assistant let the Texas Tech employ know that he thinks he is a “cheating mother****er.”

Now, there is no confirmation that the scorekeeper made the error on purpose. However, it was certainly a big moment in the game to make such a mistake. Whether or not you agree with Coach Robic’s choice of words, you have to appreciate the way he supports his team and has his players’ backs.