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Cliff Omoruyi gives high praise for Kentucky

“Kentucky is a school everybody wants to play for.”

SLAM Summer Classic 2018 Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Kentucky Wildcats have one of the most famed basketball programs in college basketball.

For many recruits, the professional alumni like John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis is what draws them in. The thought of being the next great NBA big man has drawn many to Lexington.

However, for four-star prospect Cliff Omoruyi, it’ll be the engineer program that’s coupled with the ability to succeed on the court. With offers from all around the country, Omoruyi has finalized his top-five schools.

Kentucky is on that list, and he recently dove into why they’re one of his top choices.

“Kentucky is a school everybody wants to play for, they’re the highest stage of college basketball. They like playing with me, guys like Devin (Askew) and Terrence Clarke,” Omoruyi told Jason Kates of

He also did not hold back his light-hearted feelings about the recruiting process.

“I’ve been seeing the comments and what they want, and everybody wants me so I gotta focus on the schools. They all come at me crazy, especially Kentucky, Rutgers and Auburn.”

Omoruyi is a special talent. The eighth-best center in the Class of 2020, he’s is a hot target late in the recruiting process as the sixth-best player in the class to not have already committed.

The 6-foot-10 big man would fit perfectly in Lexington.

While the Cats do have one of the nation’s best inbound classes, they don’t have the depth in the front court that they’ve boasted in past years, especially at center.

Six players, four of them five-star recruits, have signed their letter of intent for the coming season. Zero are centers.

With EJ Montgomery and Nick Richards both potentially leaving, the need for a quality big man is now.

That’s what makes Omoruyi so important to Coach Calipari’s future rosters. Given his interests in engineering, it’s likely he’d be in Lexington for the long haul as well, just another reason Kentucky should narrow in on the third-best player from New Jersey.

For now, it appears they have a solid chance at landing Omoruyi if they continue to make him a priority.