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Keion Brooks’ former AAU coach blasts John Calipari

Brooks’ former coach is not pleased with his former player’s role at UK.

Kentucky v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

It’s been an up and down freshman campaign for Kentucky Wildcats forward Keion Brooks.

The former five-star prospect from Indiana is averaging 5.5 points with 3.4 rebounds and 0.4 assists.

In Saturday’s victory over Arkansas, however, Brooks had a breakout performance with 10 points and seven rebounds, though many of those buckets and boards came with head coach John Calipari in the locker room due to an ejection.

Brooks’ former AAU coach took this as an opportunity to blast Calipari, voicing his displeasure with his usage of the freshman so far this season.

As seen in the first tweet, Brooks’ former coach was happy to see his former player get minutes and perform after Calipari was already in the locker room.

In his next tweet, he accused Kentucky of “wasting” Brooks talent and admitted he’d like to see what he’d be capable of playing for the home-state Indiana Hoosiers.

While Brooks’ AAU coach is unhappy, his father seems to have no issues with Calipari as he praised him for sticking up for his players.

Regardless of what the AAU coach thinks, Brooks has improved slowly but surely throughout the season and should continue to under Calipari’s leadership.