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Lynn Bowden reveals what really happened with the Belk Bowl scuffle

The issues started early in the week leading up to the bowl game.

NCAA Football: Belk Bowl-Virginia Tech vs Kentucky Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

This year’s Bowl Game for the Kentucky Wildcats wasn’t short on headlines, as it started with the Cats getting switched from their original bowl to the Belk Bowl after Tennessee complained, all the way to a last-second TD pass to win the game.

The story before kick-off was the pregame scuffle that took place. This morning, Lynn Bowden was on Kentucky Sports Radio for a post season interview. During the appearance, he opened up to tell the real story behind the scuffle.

According to Bowden, the issues started earlier in the week.

“It was just a whole buildup. Ever since we got there, those guys were chirping at us,” he said. “We would go out, ride on the Lime scooters, the Bird scooters, and they would see us, and they would say something to us. Me — everybody, they’re going to talk, you know — I’m letting it go.”

We all remember the Instagram video that emerged showing some Virginia Tech players confront Bowden and 4 or 5 other Wildcats. Well turns out, it was the entire Tech team.

“So, we get to the NASCAR [track], and it’s me, AJ [Rose], Josh [Ali], [Kavosiey] Smoke, and Isaiah Epps. Us five or six, we’re walking. We’re staggered. Our whole team is already up there but we’re lagging behind. It’s their whole team so it’s 175 of them and six of us. And they run up with their phones and start calling out our names and stuff. You know, me, I’m like, man, it’s been going on too long. Y’all gotta chill out.”

Fast forward to gameday, Bowden gets a call that morning from his girlfriend telling him that someone broke into her car and stole all their clothes including his son’s clothes as well.

“I kind of blame myself because I let my emotions carry over to the field, but I got a call that morning of the game. My girl is crying, she’s telling me that somebody broke into her car and took all of our clothes, because we had packed for me to go train after the game, so they took her clothes, took my clothes that I packed, and took all my son’s clothes…We were going to a team meeting and I got called, my whole mood just changed.”

Bowden didn’t want that to leak over to the field, but when the Tech players continued to talk during the warmups, it just reach a point of no return for Bowden.

Bowden definitely regrets throwing the punch, but the team had his back and the conflict led to a great performance on the field.

“It got us motivated. Definitely. I could have hurt my team, so I had to apologize to them in the locker room. They told me, don’t apologize to them…They’re my brothers. They have my back and I have their back.”

It was a week full of excitement and ended with Bowden and the Cats getting the last laugh with the 37-30 victory.

Be sure to read the entire interview at KSR.

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