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Sean Miller says Cal doesn’t get enough credit for rebuilding a culture

It’s not easy doing what Cal does year after year

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

John Calipari is a coach that we love as Kentucky fans, but the rest of the country doesn’t exactly have the same feeling.

Since he has been at Kentucky, Cal has brought in some of the best players in the country by embracing the one and done system.

Cal was the first and only coach doing this until Mike Krzyzewski decided to adopt this system at Duke.

The main reason they are the only two that do it is because it is very hard to win in college basketball when your roster is full of freshmen.

However, Arizona head coach Sean Miller told Jason Scheer of 247 Sports that Cal doesn’t get enough credit for recreating a culture at Kentucky each season.

“It’s difficult to build a culture. John Calipari at Kentucky, he does not get enough credit for doing that. Imagine him because nobody experiences more turnover per year,” Miller said. “I think sometimes the outside world focuses on the great talent that he has, which he does, but they’re all very, very young and they clearly are there to win but also to become NBA players in one year most of the time.”

Outside of Kentucky and Duke, Miller has been right there at the top of the recruiting boards since taking over the job at Arizona the same year Cal took the Kentucky job.

However, Miller noted that trying to refill your roster with every recruiting class is “a vicious cycle.”

“Just to kind of think about him replacing that crew of talent every year and recreating his culture, it’s something you have to work a lot on and something that we’re hard at right now”

What Cal has done here at Kentucky has been nothing short of amazing, but I would agree that he doesn’t get enough credit for rebuilding his roster year after year and then still finding a way to win and be in the thick of it when March rolls around.