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Lynn Bowden’s car was broken into prior to Belk Bowl

Bowden says it gave him extra fuel for his historic performance.

Drew Brown - Sea of Blue


It looks like the people who run the Belk Bowl will be helping Lynn Bowden out.

Leading up to kickoff of the Belk Bowl, it was well-documented that there was a lot of bad blood brewing between Kentucky and Virginia Tech.

It began with Hokies players getting into a verbal altercation with several Wildcats, which included Lynn Bowden.

Then prior to Tuesday’s kickoff, there was several pregame scuffles between both sides, including Bowden landing a punch on a Hokies player.

Kentucky would go on to win the game thanks to yet another historic performance from Bowden, but not everything was good news after the win.

On Wednesday, Bowden revealed on Twitter that his car was robbed prior to the game, and it only helped fuel his fire for a monster game that saw him breaking the record for most rushing yards in a bowl game by a quarterback.

It sounds like a lot of what was stolen were items Bowden got during the Belk Bowl shopping spree.

It’s very unfortunate that this happened to Bowden, so hopefully, the Belk Bowl can help get him another shopping spree at some point.