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Positive update on Cade Cunningham

One recruiting guru has changed his prediction.

High School Basketball: JUN 02 Pangos All-American Camp Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It would appear Cade Cunningham isn’t a done deal to Oklahoma State like everyone thought.

Ever since Cunningham’s brother was hired by the Cowboys, everyone assumed that was where he’d ultimately land. That included predictions for the Cowboys from recruiting experts Evan Daniels, Corey Evans, Andrew Slater, Jerry Meyer and Eric Bossi among many others.

However, Daniels just changed his pick to ‘foggy,’ an indication that Cunningham really is much more open in his recruitment than anyone suspected.

Perhaps we should have realized this today when on the first day of the fall recruiting period, the first place John Calipari visited was Montverde Academy to watch Cunningham. That alone is an indication that Cunningham is no lock to any school, as Calipari doesn’t tend to waste time with such players.

In addition, Daniels spoke with the Herald-Leader about Cunningham’s recruitment.

“I’ll be the first to tell you that when his brother got the job at Oklahoma State, I just assumed this thing was done. Cade is telling the schools involved that that is not the case,” Daniels told the Herald-Leader. “I know a couple of (schools) have kind of put his feet to the fire and basically said, ‘Don’t waste our time.’ And his communication with those schools has been very much that they have a realistic shot.”

Daniels actually mentioned North Carolina as another blue blood that’s remained persistent in its pursuit of Cunningham, but Kentucky is also making a strong push.

“I think that North Carolina built a very strong relationship with him early on, and they’re certainly deep in there. And Kentucky is making a strong play at him, as well.”

With Kentucky poised to land Terrence Clarke this Saturday, Kentucky still needs to add at least one more backcourt recruit for its 2020 class, and it sounds like that won’t be Jalen Green or Josh Christopher.

We should have a more clear picture of who Kentucky is prioritizing after Clarke makes his decision this weekend, and based on these new developments, Cunningham may move to No. 1 overall on the big board.

Perhaps the biggest x-factor in Cunningham’s recruiting is the NCAA investigation into Oklahoma State for being linked to the corruption scandal. How serious the punishment is could affect Cunningham’s desire to play in Stillwater for one season of college hoops, especially if a postseason ban is involved.

I’m still going with Oklahoma State to win out, but it’s clear that’s no longer a done deal, and that alone is good news for Kentucky.

Be sure to read Daniels’ full interview with the Herald-Leader.

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