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ESPN 680 Postgame Podcast: Loss to South Carolina Edition

The Wildcats’ offense was a disaster.

Kentucky v South Carolina Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

It was an embarrassment of a performance as the Kentucky Wildcats fell to the South Carolina Gamecocks 24-7. If the Cats had been going up against a better team in the SEC, the beating would have been much worse.

The fact of the matter is that the Gamecocks aren’t very good and Kentucky played defense well enough to keep them in the game. But the offense was atrocious and Eddie Gran couldn’t seem to figure out that his injured QB couldn’t throw the football.

Here is what I discussed:

  • Sawyer Smith was injured and couldn’t throw the football yet Eddie Gran at one point called nine straight pass plays.
  • All of Mark Stoops’ bad coaching attributes reared their ugly head in this game.
  • Lynn Bowden at QB needs to happen during the bye week.
  • Mark Stoops told a massive lie during his press conference.
  • It was coaching malpractice to leave Smith in as long as Stoops and Gran did. The kid is hurt yet they continued to feed him to the wolves. They should be ashamed.
  • The defense wasn’t bad.
  • Eddie Gran doesn’t know what he wants to do with the offense and he has no idea how to utilize his players.
  • The offensive line was shameful.
  • And more

I’ll be back on ESPN 680 tomorrow 3-6 with UK football player Justin Jefferies to continue to go over this debacle.