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Tyrese Maxey compares his teammates to Marvel’s Avengers

Let’s hope they don’t run into Thanos in March.

Disney XD’s “Avengers Assemble” - Season One

There are guys on every Kentucky team that fans love. But there is a smaller group of players that, maybe once every 3-4 years, come in and steals the hearts of every Kentucky fan. That list includes John Wall, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Tyler Ulis. I would be willing to put money on Tyrese Maxey joining that group.

In a recent interview with the Courier-Journal, Maxey’s love for Marvel’s Avengers came up. So he was asked to compare his teammates to members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Check out his comparisons and see if you agree.

John Calipari - Nick Fury

“He’s definitely Nick Fury, but a lot more – a little bit more yelling,” Maxey said.

Nick Richards - Drax

“Kind of goofy, strong. They kind of remind me of each other.”

Immanuel Quickley - Falcon

“Falcon is Captain America’s little right-hand man. He’s very efficient. He’s always there when you need him. Makes jump shots.”

EJ Montgomery - Hawkeye

“EJ is silent. ... Kind of like Hawkeye. Silent assassin. EJ doesn’t do much talking, he’s just about business.”

Ashton Hagans - Black Panther

“The speed. Black Panther has the speed. Ashton is very speedy, very catlike.”

I mean, they are both pretty ripped, too.

Marvel Studios

Nate Sestina - Captain America

“He’s Steve Rogers for sure, Captain America. They look just alike. I call him that when we’re in the weight room.”

I mean, the transformations are similar.

Marvel Studios

And Maxey himself? He believes he is most like Spider-Man, a young star coming in and stealing the show. Since this interview happened just a few days before it was announced that Spidey would be staying in the MCU, I think that has to be a good omen for the upcoming season.

What about Kentucky players form years passed? Reid Travis as Thanos? Dakari Johnson as Groot? Maybe Rocket for Tyler Ulis?

Do you agree with Maxey’s assessments? Check out more about his interview and more Avengers comparisons with the Courier-Journal here.