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Kansas charged with multiple Level 1 violations, including lack of institutional control

It’s hard to see Kansas coming away from this without major penalties levied against it.

Kansas v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Kansas Jayhawks are now in major hot water with the NCAA.

According to Yahoo Sports, the University of Kansas has received its notice of allegations from the NCAA, which includes major allegations against the men’s basketball program:

Kansas has been charged with lack of institutional control, three Level I violations in men’s basketball and there is a head coach responsibility charge against coach Bill Self, according to multiple sources.

The charge against Self will potentially prove a compelling and high-profile application of the NCAA’s head coach responsibility bylaws. Evidence tied to the case included (T.J.) Gassnola and Self talking openly in text messages about Adidas helping Kansas recruit players. “I’m happy with Adidas,” Self wrote Gassnola. “Just got to get a couple real guys.”

It’s getting harder and harder to see Kansas coming away unscathed from this, but we probably won’t see penalties handed down until next spring at the earliest.

One penalty Kansas will suffer in the coming months is a lack of recruiting success due to the black cloud of major penalties hovering above the school. The Jayhawks finished 2019 with the 15th-ranked recruiting class, by far one of the worst in Self’s tenure, and they currently don’t have any 2020 or 2021 commitments.

Be sure to read the entire Yahoo report here.