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Kentucky and Louisville visiting Devin Askew again

Cal vs Mack is heating up.

HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL: AUGUST 10 Nike Academy Showcase Game Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Kentucky Wildcats are not halting their recruitment for the best point guard in the 2021 class, despite reports that Askew was remaining in his original class and not making the jump to the 2020 class.

According to Corey Evans of Rivals, both Kentucky and Louisville will be in to see Askew this week, with Mack seeing him Monday. Kentucky will be in to see him later this week.

Both coaches visited him last week as well, with Mack going last Monday and Calipari visiting him shortly after that.

Askew made the choice to stay in 2021 last week, despite numerous efforts from the Kentucky staff to get him to make the jump. However, they still want Askew to be the point guard of the future and are not letting up their pursuit of him.

And since Askew is planning to commit this fall, one would think a potential move into 2020 could be revisited in the spring when NBA Draft decisions are made and other recruits make their decisions.

It seems like we could be in for our very first Mack vs Calipari recruiting battle with Askew, as it looks like both Kentucky and Louisville are his top two schools.

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