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John Calipari compares Tyrese Maxey to Jamal Murray

Could we see Maxey put together a season like we saw from Murray?

High School Basketball: McDonald’s All American Jamfest Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

One of the key players to this year’s Kentucky Basketball team will no doubt be Tyrese Maxey.

He will be one the most talked about players on this roster, and many have been giving a comparison to former Cat De’Aaron Fox.

However, Coach Cal doesn’t see it like that.

In a Q&A with the media, Coach Cal had a lot to say about the upcoming team, and Drew Franklin of Kentucky Sports Radio discussed the quotes and comments from Cal.

So, who does Cal compare Maxey to?

Cal quickly shot down the Fox comparisons.

“Different, totally different,” Calipari said, when asked about the comparison. “Better shooter, Tyrese is. They’re really totally different. One kid is really fast, and the other kid is fast, but not as fast as him; but he is a better shooter.”

Cal would go on to compare Maxey to Jamal Murray.

“I would compare him more to Jamal,” Calipari said. “He’s not 6-5, 6-6 — Jamal was a little bit bigger than him — but more like a Jamal who can play both positions. You can put him under the basket and let him play basketball [or] you can let him have the ball and make basketball plays. He can do both.”

It was also noted that like Murray/Maxey will be in a backcourt with two other guards point guards in Ashton Hagans and Immanuel Quickley.

“It didn’t have any effect, but a positive one on Jamal, and I would say the same is going to be true of Tyrese,” Calipari added. “There may be times that he’s solely the point guard; there may be times that we need him to score and get off the ball. There may be times that he and Ashton are in there together. We’ll try all kinds of stuff.”

It has yet to be seen if Maxey will put together a season that compares to that of Murray but being compared to one of the better players in the Cal era is a great start, and it should have this fanbase excited about what we could see this season.

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